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Molino Stucky Penthouse & Rooftop Terrace

The History of the Molino Stucky

In 1881 the entrepreneur Giovanni Stucky (1843-1910), son of a Swiss and a Venetian, acquired the former monastery SS. Biago e Cataldo on Giudecca, directly opposite the Sacca Fisola part of the island.  He had the monastery and church demolished and build a steam mill on it which start operating in 1883.

The factory immediately became a great success. It employed up to 1500 workers, operated continuously 24 hours a day, and produced up to 250 tons of flour daily. An expansion soon became necessary. In 1894, the Hanoverian architect Ernst Wullekopf was commissioned to do so. In 1895, the new brick building, up to nine stories high, was completed in the style of North German brick Gothic. Inside, it was based on construction with cast-iron columns and wooden beam ceilings.

The complex, before the First World War, was one of the most modern and productive grain mills in Europe.  In 1910  Giancarlo ( son of Giovanni Stucky) took over the management of the factory. However, during the Second World War, German troops seized the mill.

After the war, the mill could no longer keep up with its competitors on the mainland factories. The machinery became obsolete and in 1955 production had to be stopped.

In 1988 the mill was listed as a historical monument and in 1992 it was decided to reuse the dilapidated buildings. After closing in 1955 and long years of vacancy, reconstruction began at the end of the 20th century, creating apartments, a hotel, and a convention center.

Molino Stucky - Penthouse & Terrace

The exclusive apartment at the Giudecca Molino Stucky Complex composes of two bedrooms with king-size beds, a large living area with a comfortable sofa, and smart tv. Air conditioning and heating system are available throughout the Apartment. A fully equipped open kitchen with a comfortable dining table is waiting for you. Free Wi-Fi, bed linens, and towels will be provided. The amazing roof-top terrace with a 360° view offers a comfortable lounge area for your pleasure and comfort.

Molino Stucky Penthouse & Terrace

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You will find us next to the Hilton Hotel

Molino Stucky Penthouse & Terrace
Giudecca, Fondamenta San Bagio 812
30124 Venezia

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